The half bath is an example of, no matter how much brainstorming you do, you can change your mind and come up with something awesome last minute. I did a lot of brainstorming for the half bath, picking out multiple iterations of designs and purchases. In the end, I choose something very different. First, let’s take a look at where it all began. 

A little history on this room It used to be the laundry room until there was a leak followed by mold removal. We used it as an opportunity to put a bathroom where it belongs, but not without a lot of permit pulling, wall removal, pipe replacing, and a lot of electrical work. Ahhhh – old homes.

My contractor brought me some samples, but I just wasn’t sure about wood-look tile. I looked around online and thought a hexagon vinyl tile would pay homage to the penny tile in the bathrooms elsewhere around the house. So, I found this amazing patterned marble-look black and off-white tile, and one of the images inspired both the pattern of the tile as well as the rest of the room. 

I also really loved the look of a two-tone wall with a chair rail and picture frame molding. Because the walls are so tall, I just felt like they needed something.